Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Interview with author Kim Karter...

Today, in the Forum, Kim Karter joins us to discuss Small Town Unwound, a delicious southern novel about Delta Grayson…doctor by day, vigilante killer by night.

Tim Greaton: What’s the most interesting thing about you or what is the most interesting thing that ever happened to you?
Kim Karter: I would have to say I've been blessed with the opportunity to help with animal rescue missions. I've bottle fed baby squirrels, and even have an orphaned fox living in my home.

Tim Greaton: Did you always have a burning desire to become a novelist?
Kim Karter: Not necessarily a novelist, but I've always been inspired by writing. I grew to love the written word at an early age, and decided to put some of my own stories on paper. During my teenage years, it escalated to writing novels.
Tim Greaton: Who is your favorite novelist (or book), and how do you think it has influenced you as a writer?

Kim Karter: Stephen King has always been a big influence. When I was young, anything horror caught my attention. After finishing my first King book, I realized how a book could become its own world. Stephen King transported me into his stories so quickly that I realized I wanted to create worlds for my own readers. Joe R Lansdale is another author who has a talent for amazing storytelling. He makes me feel as though I’m in a room listening to him speak. His influence has led me to simply tell my stories from the heart.
Tim Greaton: Is there one great challenge or interesting event that makes you a better writer today?

Kim Karter: Not too long ago, I was driving my mother to run some errands, and she began talking about a hilarious thing a character did in a book. The longer she spoke, the more I realized, it was my novel. I said, "Uhm, Mom! That's my book!" We had a big laugh over it, but if I can continue doing that…really making people remember characters they read about months or even years ago, then I'm on the right track.
Tim Greaton: Who is the most interesting character you’ve met in passing that you think should be in a book? 
Kim Karter: I met this guy once, and not one true sentence ever left his lips. I mean, he told people he robbed banks for a living, and you'd see him cruising into the car lot as a salesman. It got to the point where he started referring to himself as Eagler, and putting beer in the Coke machine at the car lot. He would bring a lot of comedy to any story.
Tim Greaton: What is the title of your latest book, and how did you first come across the idea for it?
Kim Karter: Small Town Unwound stems from many things combined, but I can still remember the exact moment the main character shot into my head. When I was at the DMV getting my license renewed, I saw this adorable little girl: pig-tails, cute Mary Jane shoes, the whole nine yards. When she turned to face me in her chair, she had the biggest black eye I'd ever seen. My immediate thought was, Gah, I'd like to get my hands on whoever did that. Then, I thought to myself, I'll never be able to do it, but I can make a character who can.
Tim Greaton: Where did you get the ideas for the setting?
Kim Karter: Small Town Unwound is set in a place that's very close to me. Leighton, Alabama was the ideal location for the story. It has one gas station, a pharmacy, a hardware store, and one restaurant. A place where secrets are everyone's business.

Tim Greaton: Would you want to meet any of the people you’ve created?
Kim Karter: I would love to meet all of my characters. I think it would be surreal to see all the faces I've had in my head for so long walking around in person.

Tim Greaton: What part of this book do you hope your readers will most remember?
Kim Karter: I hope they remember the characters, and the sacrifices they made for one another.
Tim Greaton: Is there a sequel in the works or other books available in this series?
Kim Karter: Yes, book number two is in the works.

Tim Greaton: Just for fun, if you could take over an entire city and make the citizens read your books, which city would it be and why?

Kim Karter: I think I would have to pick New York City. Small Town Unwound is filled with Southern phrases and Southern culture. I think they would get a kick out of a place so different from New York that it seems like a foreign country.

Tim Greaton: It would be great if you could share your website/blogsite and links to where our audience could directly purchase your books.
Tim Greaton: Thanks very much for taking some of your valuable time to spend with us. I suspect you’ve earned quite a number of new readers today.
Kim Karter: Thank you so much for the opportunity.


  1. Okay, you've convinced me to buy it!

    Love your blog site, Tim, great stuff :)

  2. Thanks, Diana. Kim has definitely built a fascinating book, and we should all hope to be so gifted in interviews. Bravo, Kim!

  3. Great interview, Kim. Thanks for introducing Kim and her book to us, Tim!

  4. Great interview. Kim sounds great and her book sounds interesting. And it goes without saying that the lady has great taste in authors.

    1. Thanks for taking the time, Mike. Interesting is a great way to describe Kim. I'm hoping she'll stop by our forum again when her next release comes out :-)