Monday, October 24, 2011

Interview with R.C. Drake, author of "Crystal Clear": A Supernatural Mystery

Today, I’m pleased to welcome good friend and author R.C. Drake. She’s here to talk to us mostly about her novel "Crystal Clear": A Supernatural Mystery, but I’m guessing we could probably get her to open up about her poetry, children’s and even her sci-fi fantasy works.

Tim Greaton: R.C., I’m thrilled to have you here on the forum. We’ve been friends for a long while, and I’m glad to be able to share you with other friends and readers. Maybe you could start by telling us about where you grew up?

R.C. Drake: First off Tim, thank you very much for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to do these interviews for all of us.  You are one in a million. I live in a little town in Southeast Texas, called Buna, not more than twenty miles from where I was born.  I guess you could say I haven't ventured far from home.

Tim Greaton: We’d love to hear more about you and the business you manage to run while also finding time to write an impressive list of novels.

R.C. Drake: "My House Resale" is a little consignment and resale shop located right in my hometown.  I have quite a few regular shoppers who I know by first name. We have a rapport with each other that is indescribable. Since my shop is on the way to our local lake, I get a lot of out of town visitors as well.  Sometimes, between customers, I may have a fleeting thought or ideas that just pop in for a visit. I always have my little mini recorder with me so I can capture them before they flit away.

Tim Greaton: You’ve written quite a number of books. Could you tell us what they?

R.C. Drake: Let’s Find a Toy For Moo Moo The Mutdog is a children’s poetry-picture book based on my own dog who is truly a little scamp. She absolutely believes she’s human, so I try not to mention otherwise. No need to upset the poor thing.   

Roxi Needs a Home was based on my son’s dog. She really did need a home, so we adopted her. Written for a young adult audience, this book explains what adoption is through the eyes of a boy.

A Moment Missed is an adult poetry book. The culmination of years of work, I’m especially proud of this collection. Each poem is heartfelt and intended to be life-lifting for the reader.   

The Warriors Dragon, The Gift and The Commencement are books 1 & 2 my Warriors Dragon sci-fi/fantasy series. Set in a futuristic time where the last remnants of humanity are clinging to life, the only hope for our dying planet and remaining survivors is a brotherhood of dragons led by a single warrior.

My most recent novel "Crystal Clear": A Supernatural Mystery is a mystery/ghost story.

Tim Greaton: Who are your top three favorite authors and why?

R.C. Drake: Danielle Steele is matriarch and pioneer in my eyes.  I love her work because she steps outside the boundaries of romance and kicks in a little mystery. Stephen King has an amazing grasp of the unreal. And Nora Roberts’ style really appeals to me.

Tim Greaton: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to face as a writer and how do you think it has helped you as a writer?

R.C. Drake: I think the biggest challenge has been to develop original ideas. I have rejected more than I have used.  Perhaps the basis for next novels just leaps out at some writers, but I tend to develop mine at a slower pace. Usually, I conceive of an ending then work backwards toward the beginning. Maybe I should live in Australia then I would think right side up.

*She grins*

Tim Greaton: I’ve had the pleasure of reading your last novel, but for those readers who haven’t had a chance yet could you tell us a little about "Crystal Clear": A Supernatural Mystery?

It’s about a mother’s love and her inability to deal with loss. Her actions set into motion a succession of events that culminate in a horrific tangle. Evil steps in and the only way to stop it is through self-sacrifice and the selfless act of a stranger; whether that act can possibly come in time is a question most readers ask.

Tim Greaton: Where did you conceive of such a unique plot?

R.C. Drake: The family aspect, in part, is drawn from incidents in my own life.  As the plot unfolds, however, the story veers further and further from my own experience. Throughout the process, my protagonist Susan developed her own personality, and as she became more real it broke my heart to put her through such hardships.

Tim Greaton: Did you have to change any parts of the story to better fit the characters, or did you have to change any characters to better fit the story?

R.C. Drake: Actually both challenges occurred.  Characters and events were changed and rearranged to keep the book moving evenly.  A steady flow of events from present to past and then back to present had to occur. Keeping up that pace required some characters to appear and then slowly fade away.

Tim Greaton: Which character is your favorite and why?

R.C. Drake: I really enjoyed writing about Mr. Caldwood a frequent customer at the diner where Susan works. He’s a funny, little old man with an unusual kind of insight.

Tim Greaton: Are you planning a sequel or are there other books available in this series?

R.C. Drake: This novel is complete in its current form, however, it does ends with a possible open door.  I might someday tackle a sequel but it’s far from definite.

Tim Greaton: Just for fun, if you could personally live any scene in your book, which one would it be?
R.C. Drake: I would like to be there when Stan is finally able to say his last goodbye to his deceased wife of many years. When she smiles at him for the last time and he realizes she is happy and no longer in pain…that would be a wonderful moment to witness.

Tim Greaton: It would be great if you could share your website/blogsite and links to where our audience could directly purchase your books.

R.C. Drake: I would like to invite everyone to visit my blogsite at:   as well as my Author site on Authors Den at     My Author site on Amazon list all of my current works at    All of my books are available for purchase at all of these sites.

Tim Greaton: Thanks for being with us today. I feel confident that you have earned a lot of new fans.

R.C. Drake: Thank you Tim, I have enjoyed spending time with you this morning, and I hope everyone enjoys reading "Crystal Clear": A Supernatural Mystery. I also hope they take the opportunity to read one of the fine books that you have written, as well. 

For everyone reading, please have a wonderful day, and may God bless you and yours.    



  1. What a great interview with a lovely lady that I'm fortunate enough to call friend! Thanks for sharing with us, Rhonda.

    And thank you, Tim, for recognizing a wonderful person!

  2. Thanks Tim for the interview.

    Rhonda, sounds like you have a lovely business and a cozy area where you live.

    Brotherhood of dragons - love it! Thanks for sharing your works and continued good luck.

    Doctor Barbara

  3. I love that phrase--"life-lifting". We should all do that for others, whether through poetry or another medium.

    Stephen King is one of my favorites, too. I'm interested in the real life incident that triggered CRYSTAL CLEAR, if you can share (perhaps I should just read the book)!

  4. I love the way you go about setting up worlds.

    Arthur Levine