Sunday, March 24, 2013

Interview with out-of-the-box author Jeremy Emling....


 Today, in the forum we have author Jeremy Emling. He has been doing some truly unique, out-of-the-box work with Memories Lost In Heaven’s Tears and his upcoming Diary of Destiny series. Let’s jump in and find out what it’s all about.
Tim Greaton: Did you have a relative who strongly influenced you?
Jeremy Emling: My first introduction into the world of literature was really from my Mother, who was and still is a huge Stephen King fan. As I became a teenager, her actions in my life enveloped into the main theme of my first book, “Memories Lost In Heaven’s Tears.” The negativity and abandonment she so easily gift wrapped and delivered to her youngest son ended up helping her become a character in my upcoming novel series, “The Diary Of Destiny.” I guess you can say it’s my way of thanking her for those devious actions, for if they never happened I truly doubt I’d be the writer that I am today, and for that I’ll always be eternally grateful.
Tim Greaton: Are most of your works available or do you have them hiding away? Do you think any of it will see the light of day?
Jeremy Emling: For the most part, “Memories Lost,” is a collection of my work and I’ve really moved on to living and breathing “The Diary Of Destiny” (TDOD). So as far as everything goes that I’ve done in the past, well, that’s just where it’s going to stay. TDOD is what my life is about now, and I am completely content on where I’m at…in the world of the UnKnowns.
Tim Greaton: Was there a place from your past that you’ll always remember? How do the memories of it influence your life/writing?
Jeremy Emling: The parental guidance that I had during my upbringing caused us to move a lot. Every year I was in a new town, starting a new school. Now as a child this always seemed to be such a traumatic event that I’d never make it through. Which in turn is probably the reason the life of my main character in TDOD, Destiny EverDream, is in such chaos and confusion, much like my own. But as I got older and started looking back on my life, I quickly realized that the robust amount of cultures I’ve met because of those yearly moves, are much more a blessing than something terrible. And once more is most likely the leading factor as to why the world of TDOD is filled with so many different personalities.
Tim Greaton: You often receive what compliment about your writing? Why do you think your writing stands out in that regard?
Jeremy Emling: Up until the release of “Memories Lost,” I never received much praise as I never really shared my work up to that point. But once I started spreading the word about my new TDOD novel, and shared several of the first chapters online through social media. The absolute mind-blowing comments have been almost non-stop. Two really stick out and have meant more to me than any others, but for a very good reason. They’re really the same comment made by two different book reviewers on opposite sides of the country. They both have said, “The Diary Of Destiny novel has the best written first chapter in the last one hundred years!” At first I didn’t take that as much, but the more I sat back and thought of all the incredible works of art written during that time by the likes of, King, Tolkien and Rowling. I’ve become immensely humbled over those sweet words. But at the same time the more I thought I realized that they just may be right. TDOD grabs you, not with the first sentence, or the first paragraph, but with the very first word and it just doesn’t let go. I feel too many works of literature no matter how grand, start off boring. Sometimes to the point you about put it down before it can even get started. TDOD stays away from that type of writing; it sucks you in and makes you hold on for the ride!
Tim Greaton: Are there any authors you model your work after?
Jeremy Emling: Absolutely not. As I was just saying before, TDOD is about as original as you can get nowadays. In order for it to stand out it, it needs to stand alone. I’d prefer it having its own category than to ever be placed in one.
Tim Greaton: Do you involve beta readers before releasing a final product or do you trust your own instincts before you publish your work?
Jeremy Emling: TWITTER! It has been such a useful tool! I’ve met so many wonderful people on there; you included Tim that I’ve become great friends with. So yes I adore beta readers they are an absolute must for me when it comes to TDOD and Twitter is packed full of them.
Tim Greaton: Then maybe you’ll share some of your writing system with us, and explain how it has evolved over the course of your career?
Jeremy Emling: (He laughs) Never think. That’s about all I can tell you, the words are just there, somehow. I just sit down with a pad of paper and a pen and before I even know it everything is coming together. Now if I ever pause to think of a name for a new character I struggle, but if I turn everything off and just write, well, everything works out in the end. One more little pointer, the way I avoid those pause moments in writing is by using question marks. If I get to a spot where a new name or place is being said, and I don’t have that particular name set yet, I’ll simply and swiftly add a question mark so I can come back to it later. So, never think and question marks! (Laughs again)
Tim Greaton: What is your most recent book/story release? And could you tell us about it?
Jeremy Emling: The most important happening in my world of writing is TDOD. “The Diary Of Destiny” revolves around a soon to be fifteen-year-old girl named Destiny EverDream. She goes to sleep on the eve of her birthday and wakes in a dark dead forest filled with magic. A nearby stranger named Zidane claims to be her brother. The following events, that she believes to be a dream, are so powerful and affecting that she wants to remember everything. She immediately heads out and purchases a diary in an attempt to lock those memories away, but before she knows it those same memories become her story, they become “The Diary Of Destiny!”
Tim Greaton: What led you to tell this particular story?
Jeremy Emling: The story itself I’d have to say. There never were any thoughts on what to write or where to go. I started TDOD in fact the same way Tolkien started “The Lord Of The Rings,” I just sat down and started writing. The story seems as if it already exists and somehow I’ve been given the honor to share it with the world.
Tim Greaton: What part of your story was the most difficult to write?
Jeremy Emling: Like I was just saying, the story and series as a whole has been writing itself. It never stops or ever takes a break. I have dreamt chapters, woken up, and wrote them as they were dreamed. So, fortunately for me, up to this point nothing has been difficult…yet! But if I look at that question through an emotional viewpoint, then I’d have to say creating the character of Destiny’s Mother was a challenge, but that’s only because she is so reflective of my own.
Tim Greaton: So there will be sequels and after do you plan on exploring other realms?
Jeremy Emling: TDOD is in fact a series. There will be eight full-length novels, two companion books and eight back stories, but those are and will always be free on, “The Diary Of Destiny” Novel Series Back Story Blog! Entering new realms will never be a possibility, for as the final page gets written within the novels, there will still be years of side stories and updates that I’ll work on until my final breath. Which I’ll make available in several different ways for free, many of those ways have already been planned.
Tim Greaton: If you had an unlimited advertising budget, how would you “get the word out?”
Jeremy Emling: I don’t really think this idea is “advertising” as much as it is just something pretty cool, but what I’ve always wanted for TDOD is to have copies buried in sandboxes. That way parents and kids could dig through it to find their very own copies. It’s how it should be really. The diaries have been hidden away for years just waiting to be deciphered. So to have your own copy that’s dusty, dirty and raggedy would just seem so real.
Tim Greaton: It would be great if you could share your website/blog and links to where our audience could directly communicate with you.
Jeremy Emling: That would be fantastic and I thank you for asking. For any who would like to join me on my journey through “The Diary Of Destiny,” simply follow me on Twitter @JeremyEmling. Become a fan of the TDOD FB page at!/TDOD2012
And most of all The Official TDOD Back Story Blog
To any and all that stop by feel free to ask anything you wish! It would be an honor to answer any and all questions, but most of all just to make some new friends and fans!
Tim Greaton: Thanks for taking time with me today, Jeremy. It has been fascinating and fun to spend time together.
Jeremy Emling: I feel the same, Tim. I also want to thank your readers for hanging out with us. I hope to see everyone again on my websites and on Twitter!


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